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Brand : DwellStudio
Model : DWL11386
Color : Devon Sand, Bull Natural, Empire Cinnabar, Empire Dove, Empire Shadow, Empire Steel, Messenger Citrine, Messenger Tuxedo, Bayou Stone, Tibby Pewter, Tibby Linen, Classic Smoke, Zula Atomic, Zula Charcoal, Zula Linen, Zula Navy, Zula Oxblood, Zula Pumice, Zula Rawhide, Hermes Admiral, Hermes Flannel, Hermes Peacock, Hermes Peppermint, Hermes Seal, Hermes Jute, Nobletex Platinum, Nobletex Rain, Nobletex Russet, Hermes Normandy, Equinox Beige, Equinox Navy, Hatta Citrine, Devon Heather, Devon Mouse, Devon Pewter, Hatta Flannel
SKU : DWL11386 17003626,17003627,17003628,17003629,17003630,17003631,17003632,17003633,17003634,17003635,17003636,17003637,17003638,17003639,17003640,17003641,17003642,17003643,17003644,17003645,17003646,17003647,17003648,17003649,17003650,17003651,17003652,17003653,17003654,17003655,17003656,17003657,17003658,17003659,17003660,17003661
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Product Features

DwellStudio DWL11386 Warner Sleeper Upholstery

Classic mod comes to mind when looking at the Warner Sleeper. Raised track arms gently curve away from a straight front border, while plush cushions provide a timeless spot to unwind. Features: -Bentley collection.-Wood frame construction wrapped in f…

  • Design: Sofa Bed
  • Overall Product Weight: 197lb.
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Overall: 93” W x 41” D

  • Product Name : Warner Sleeper Upholstery
    Product Group : Home/Family
    Product Sub-Group#1 : Furniture
    Product Sub-Group#2 : Upholstery
    Product Categories : Sofas
    Price Range: $1600 – $1800
    Product Model : DwellStudio DWL11386


    DwellStudio Warner Sleeper Upholstery DWL11386 17003626,17003627,17003628,17003629,17003630,17003631,17003632,17003633,17003634,17003635,17003636,17003637,17003638,17003639,17003640,17003641,17003642,17003643,17003644,17003645,17003646,17003647,17003648,17003649,17003650,17003651,17003652,17003653,17003654,17003655,17003656,17003657,17003658,17003659,17003660,17003661

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